Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Poker chip Boat Charter - Its No Gamble!

We had a pleasant phone call the other day, inviting us out on the Poker chip Boat Charter in Puerto Colon Tenerife. Neil the owner is a Premium Listed Member of the BpTenerife website, he wanted to show us around his boat, and let us experience his excursion in Tenerife. I have been out on many boat trips in Tenerife, and even had the misfortune of owning a boat here once (another story that is best left discussing with the bank manager!). It is a great way to explore and spend some quality time with the family whilst on holiday or living in Tenerife.
 We arrived in the harbour around 1pm and the owner Neil greeted us at Pan-talon 3, where his private boat charter is moored. The Skipper, Pera was a friendlily guy, and helped the children onto the boat, immediately making them feel comfortable, Neil cast us off and our adventure began.
The Dolphins were out in force, our first visitors at sea, they seemed to surround us for a while, and my children were thrilled to see a new born feeding whilst the mother basked in the ocean waves. They are always an amazing sight, and being a private boat charter in Tenerife, you can really get up close and capture thrilling moments like this!
 We bid the dolphins farewell, and moved on to some great fishing spots in Tenerife the Skipper new well, after humping in several mackerel and downing a few local Doradas, (that's beers not fish!) we headed off for a swim.
We spent around 2 hrs on the boat courtesy of Poker Chip Charter Tenerife, and can only thank them all for a great experience. If you are on holiday and looking for a great way to explore the island, then why not try a private boat charter in Tenerife.
I highly recommend the Poker Chip Charter boat  in Puerto Colon. If you contact the owner directly through his website, he can offer you some great deals, and reduce the cost of booking through ticket offices. Tell them Adam from Bptenerife recommended you try his boat trip experience, and he will look after you, I am sure!

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All the best to the crew, and thanks again for a great day out.....


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